ZD Soft Screen Recorder Serial Key

ZD Soft Screen Recorder Serial Key
ZD Soft Screen Recorder is a software that allows you to record and screenshots in different methods.The user-friendly interface, you can select to create a demo on the screen (cursor tracking, partial screen, fullscreen).
But you can share the media video (web streaming, media player, other), record game or your screen.
So if you want to explain your actions, you can insert a microphone, resize the line, resize the view box, place it anywhere, as well as use keyboard shortcuts to start the recording process.

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  • Fullscreen recording.
  • Many monitor screen recording.
  • Partial screen recording.
  • Centering the Mode window.
  • Mouse cursor highlight click effects.
  • Follow the mouse cursor mode.
  • Add your own logo text/image post
  • Support for window platform games.
  • Full Support Gaming Screen Mode.
  • Direct3D supports 8/9/10/11 games.
  • Cameras overlay game.
  • OpenGL games support.
  • The data in the game frame rate.
  • Embedded cameras in the logs.
  • Record indicator in the game.
  • Camera view overlay on the desktop.
  • Customizable size cameras overlap.
  • Screen overlay web cameras in a PC game.
  • Customizable overlay level nets.
  • Webcam Incognito Correction.
  • Change the camera shortcut key for the uppercase
  • Sound record system/audio.
  • Sound system + voice mix.
  • Record voice by microphone
  • Recording external audio source.
  • Built-in shortcut recording device.
  • Shortcut background device settings.
  • Enable/disable any time when registering.
  • User Shortcuts.
  • Timer based automated record.
  • Theft registration method.
  • PNG / JPG / BMP design screen.
  • AVI / WMV video recording forms.
 ZD Soft Screen Recorder Serial Key


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