PDF Compressor Crack

PDF Compressor Crack

PDF Compressor is a useful application that can help adjust elements stored inside the files and reduce the size of those files, which are especially not important. It works quickly, and it supports batch processing.
Quick and easy solution for PDF compression
Completely minimal, as the features of at least UI, it is very easy for complete novices to get started. Because it supports drag and drop, you can load documents at any time processing process.
It is possible to increase any number of files at the same time, and the application will compile them in an operation. Only set the level of image level and removed from this document, and you want to go.

Compress photos and remove unnecessary content
Applications can adjust the quality level of the embedded images, and there are many quality preset to choose from. Alternatively, you can only delete all images from source documents.
In addition, it is possible to remove annotations, bookmarks and attachments from imported PDF files. Although these items may not be particularly prominent, but every little help is available.
It is noteworthy that encoded files need to be unlocked before they can process them, but you can enter the PDF compressor directly after loading the documents.
Direct compression device that can help improve your PDF files
All, PDF Compressor is an easy-to-use program that offers a decent set of features and can help you reduce the size of your PDF files. It is capable of improving the embedded images and removing unnecessary elements, such as attachments, interpretations and bookmarks.

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 PDF Compressor Crack


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