Wise Folder Hider Pro Serial Key ! [LATEST]

Wise Folder Hider Pro
Wise Folder Hider Pro
Wise Folder Hider Pro Serial Key:
Wise Folder Hider Pro Serial key protects your non-public and important within the eyes of anti-information. This utility is designed as a hidden unit/file / free USB folder device. The person can use this without having to hide delicate information and key folders or on local distribution or detachable units. This information is not accessible for different packages or DOS reminder for different working techniques. A strategy to enter the entrance or this information is to enter the valid password. Nevertheless, the wisdom folder is designed to use Hider in the habitat, but cannot be advised for the business environment which requires strict confidentiality. With this utility, important information and personal information will not be visible to others or you will not express your personal information and you should not be shared with a PC, USB drive, detachable laboric disk, and beyond. Will not touch.

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  • Superior encryption algorithm protects your non-public knowledge from Piers
  • Secure to modify additional secure and secure information
  • The second passwords double-saves your hidden records and folders
  • A low system useful resource consumption and maximum compatibility
  • Tourism menu selection and great user-friendly interface


Wise Folder Hider Pro


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