WinSnap Crack:
WinSnap Crack has a small enhancement utility to take and edit screenshots. Standard features include easy capture of non-rectangular windows with custom and transparent backgrounds, addition to simple and automatic canvas changes, color effects, and eye candy drop shadows. WinSnap supports various image formats and enhances advanced automatic features.

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Packed with a handful of screen capturing and image editing capabilities, WinSnap comes in handy whether you need an occasional screenshot or your job requires professional screenshots for a user manual, presentation, blog or website.
    • Flexible screen capture capabilities
    • The shadow effect is encountered in the Photoshop style
    • Powerful image processing and basic canvas changes
    • Support various image formats and advanced auto-saving options
    • Easy web publishing and sending email
    • A multi-verbal user interface (Unicode based)
    • Easily makes window shots with round corners
    • WinSnap saves information about the window form and the shadow includes the real shadow.
    • Alpha Channel and PNG / TIFF transparency are supported.
    • The unique “application” caption mode allows you to capture all the visible windows
    • Preview request with a click.
    • The unique “multi object” caption mode allows you to select multiple windows on the screen.
    • And easily combine them into a screenshot.
    • Basic color effects and canvas changes.
    • Advanced automatic save and automatic copy options.
    • Configured the external tools menu capable of opening image editors and fixtures.
    • Common keyboard and mouse control (print screen change).
  • Do all this with a 100kg application smaller than the paint!


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