TSR Watermark Image Software
TSR Watermark Image Software PRO Serial Key

TSR Watermark Image Software PRO is a straightforward and quick way to get water marks on serial key photographs; The utility of use is fast for a technical person. If you have workers, it should add a watermark before downloading online, and the TSR Watermark Software PRO program is an excellent alternative.
Free program from TSR Watermark Image PRO Serial Key Andromeda You will be able to add watermarks to photographs and paperwork by yourself. You need to use the photos online to allow them to let you know. When photographs are revealed, large indicators can be viewed according to your needs of Sunshine to protect images against sunlight and recycling for credit score on images to illustrate relevant tasks. In accordance with the photographs on their web pages.


  • Suitable for English, German, Italian, Japanese, Hungarian, Czech, Romanian, Spanish, French, Dutch, Indonesian, Russian and Denmark.
  • Robotically highlight the water mark image based on the EXIF ​​tag of trend – these are written in the film by many fashionable cameras.
  • Including a watermarked, watermarked, curved, or watermarked text content.
  • Add a text watermark to be used to tag photos with EXIF ​​information on the upcoming file.
  • Image Manufacturing Watermark JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF file format.
  • Keep or delete EXIF ​​information in JPEG (Digicam mannequin / mannequin / lens and many others and many others)
  • Decide the high quality of the watermark’s output when saved as JPEG
  • Insert a watermark in the background of digital photographs, footage, and photographs
  • Textual material used for watermark photographs for an alley
  • Watermark resizing of photographs, while image / photographs
  • In your photographs, the watermark needs shadow and elegance along with your shadow.
  • Make your photographs watermark by using other photographs
  • Place listing listing on listing listing listing or mix all batch watermark photographs in listing
  • Normally all images have a command line option to obtain a watermark batch watermark.
  • Skip or overwatch the photography / footage with the watermarks in the target list
  • Robotics searches for the brand new model of this system’s TSR watermark
TSR Watermark Image Software


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