Stardock Multiplicity
Stardock Multiplicity Crack

Stardock Multiplicity Crack decided to try it completely in a new role and decided to develop software which is nothing in common with the OS interface. The new development of the company is called Stardock Multiplicity Crack is designed to manage multiple computers from the same place,
A mouse and a keyboard. Multi-sectioning allows you to control 9 computers with a keyboard and mouse. You can copy, paste, drag and drop the files between computers and focus on the sounds of all computers in a computer. In-depth data encryption ensures that your data is protected.

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  • Control up to 9 computers with a keyboard and mouse
  • Copy between text, text and pictures
  • Drag and scare files in any size files between the computer
  • Data protection with encryption and security settings
  • Main audio on a PC


  • Download the link below
  • Normally install
  • Do not run
  • Run the patch as admin
  • Apply
  • It’s done
Stardock Multiplicity


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