Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise key
Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise 
Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise is designed to help you handle your remote connection and digital machines easily. An equipment for system directors is a very good tool that offers fixed help to their possibilities and handles multiple community gauges. This system will not be designed for newbie customers, however, in this case, you will take time to know the way to the way. The task, managing all your connections, changes every day.

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    • Like a session, like RDP, SSH, Internet, VNC, Telnet, ICT / HDX, ARR, Team waiter, LogMeIn and more
    • Improve productivity and effectiveness with over 60 extra increase
    • Securely attach to 25 VPN types
    • Save and handle all your passwords
    • Enter the password and log in to all places regularly
    • Import or combine current password managers, equal to KeePass and maximum
    • Create templates to simplify the administration
    • Share and connect your entire connections and passwords across the entire group
    • Enter your information offline
    • Handling and Entry Entry
    • View connection logs and see all the remote entry particles
    • Save the group with the most efficient encryption algorithm
    • Create strong passwords and set weak passwords
    • American federal authorities admit encryption
    • Built-in console for Citrix XenServer, VMware, Microsoft Terminal Server and Hyper V
    • Many devices such as remote shutdown, wake up on the lawn and stock report
    • Work with macro or script record data, PowerPoint, VBS script, SSL script and more.
    • Intuitive interface for all types of customers
    • It is easy to deploy and use in the enterprise environment
    • No great coaching is necessary
    • Determine the installer or zip file
    • Depending on the support of the transport system operation
  • Time to apply with our SDK
Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise key


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