Platinum Hide IP

Platinum Hide IP Crack

Platinum hide IP Crack hides your true IP address, surf anonymously, uses protocols, while working on the Internet, and hide the maximum encryption platinum of your work on your computer. . Get Platinum online privacy protection. With Platinum Hide IP, you can send anonymously email via any web based mail system, access the website, or block your website on your unique IP address, to your interests and spy on the forum. You can spy to safeguards to monitor your identity. Safe, secure, and anonymous.

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  • Web surf safely
Hide IP Speed ​​is one of the applications that can do, while still on the computer resources is pretty light and easy to use. The application is primarily a better version of IPNG concealing offering a slightly higher speed.
Simplicity is a taste that is actually part of the whole application because nothing to be complicated when working with IP speed. You will hide your real IP address so you can surf the Internet to illegal information.
  • Lightweight and easy to use
During our experiences, we realized that the internet connection was a slow speed, but it depends on the fact that proxy proximity to IP acceleration. The good news is that it remains very friendly with computer resources, so you can easily work on older machines.
  • The system remains hidden in the tray
IP speed hide is no interface, instead, you can click the tray icon to access the main functions. However, with its ‘Options’ it has its own window that is with several tabs to set the application operation.
  • Finally
Overall, IP Speed ​​Hide provides an extra layer of protection and keeps away with the eyes that relieve personal information. The IP address will be masked and browsing sessions will be really private.
Platinum Hide IP


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