Perfectly Clear

Properly oppose your camera limit by applying 18 automatic fixes in your photos.
Without precisely smiling or handling the life captured precisely or without any kind of handling. Our correction is designed to highlight its beauty, which was always present there, so every picture shows dynamically in the form of life.
We are very excited about our latest version 4.0. We’ve taken your suggestions (thank you!) And are happy to implement a clean new look, with more powerful saving time than you are going to love:
The next generation makes it easy to make
Our beauty technique detects sex, age, and facial features to automatically implement the correct amount of customization. We have made it even better in the present light shine, teeth whitening, eye enhancement and enhancing. In addition, we include 6 amazing new automatic fixes.

Face slimming
Remove eye circles, shine, blush and red eye
Powerful picture browser allows you to crop, remove, rotate and!
Flip through your photos in the gallery so you do not need to go to more apps.
Quite fast!
Fix your photos at twice the speed fast
quick fix
Straighten up the new photo browser with a tap.
Can you fit DSL R all the power in your pocket?
OK V4.0 you can do Our advanced camera detects the faces, shock detection and smile detection, which automatically captures the right picture or carved, powerful Pinnamah amazing HR, and more.
Apart from this, we have threatened the latest estimation of Android Lollipop download, you provided full resolution High Speed ​​Fit, Full Resolution Panorama (Nexus 6 9), High Speed ​​Transmitted HR Shots of Transmitted Articles, Complete White Balance Control, and more is.
Automatic Image Improvement: Under a Science
What is behind our award-winning technology? 14 years of R & D, 10 patent process, and 18 unique algorithms. We break the code independently to correct every pixel. It seems as if you were taken with a 21 MP photo with 21 million different picers.
More than 3 million tests a day
Major retailers, experts and professional candidates are all dependent on our technology to create automatic amazing photos.
Your Amazon Cloud Drive Photos Look Their Best With A Faucet
Now you can open your photos Amazon cloud drive, use it exactly in seconds

what’s New

New in v4.3.3

Download Support for Android 7
Image quality and camera improvements
How to install
Download the upload (link below).
On your Android device, allow Settings> Security> Unknown Unknown Sources.
Find and install the downloaded APK on your phone.

Have fun all!

Perfectly Clear Download


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