Musixmatch Premium

Musixmatch is the world’s largest tune platform where users can find and share songs. It has 60 million users, 14 million songs.It is accessible by web and mobile apps for iOS, Android on different devices (your phones, tablets, and wearable) operating systems.

Musixmatch displays compilation songs to watch in time with music playing. On its native apps, it is capable of scanning all songs from the user’s music library and is used for it as well as a local music player.

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It must be an app for music lover

  • Listen to your music with synchronization lyrics
    Discover the feature of the FloatingLyrics ™ so that you enjoy syncing songs, while playing your favorite songs with Spotify, Pandora, Music Music or other music apps.
  • Find lyrics for any song you love
    Get the songs in search of the world’s biggest tune list instantly.
    Can not remember the title of the song? Take part in the lyrics to find the song.
  • Identify music for music around you
    With a simple tap, you can sing magic and identify the radio, TV or other audio source lyrics.
    Your favorite and identical lyrics will be stored in your personal profile.

Additional Key Features:

  • Cast music and lyrics with Chromecast on your TV
  • Advanced features such as sleep timer and equality
  • Create and share great lyrics with lyrics
  • Automatically sing song information and courtesy for your songs
  • Android Wear and Android TV support



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