Music Video Editor Add Audio Premium
Either select your favorite music in your video, select a part of the video where you want to add a song. Supports mixing song with original video sounds Is this not amazing?

a quality:

To add music to a video, select an audio in your music list
Repeat mode support? If the video is great for music, then you can choose duplicates by the end. as well
You can disable repeat mode and save background music / audio to the end of the video.
Choose background music, just add some of your favorite favorite videos to your videos.
Voice editing is best to see video location / location where you want to add a voice. Tell me:
Have 10 minutes of video and 4 minutes of video / movies so that you can decide on the background
To say the music song / audio 6th minute of the film from the 4th minute. App trims / part of cut
Audio and it will be displayed on the background as an audio editor.
Volume control with audio mix – You can choose the amount of audio / song you added or
Lyrics / music mixing and originality You can set mix level, that is, a large amount of songs and original sound
Low volume and so on. It’s like a voice over feature
Support Support Before you can save, export a video / movie, you can preview the product in a new installation
Background audio and then decide if you want to save an extra amount or make some changes to the sound, that is to edit it again
Playlist support capture, export clips and movies are stored in your video list for your easy reference.
Share your support Share your music videos and create a movie on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Email
very much!
Beautiful, modern and easy-to-use user interface
Get your imagination started with a music masterpiece by starting confusing, background music / sound. If you have a dubbing file, you can also use it for a video clip, you can use it as an input video clip Can be used. Help quantity control Best audio video producer and editor in the classroom program is totally free.

What is happening

Small reconstruction
Added support for all audio preview versions
how to install

Keep an APK on your Android phone’s SD card
Launch and install it

This is what you enjoy 🙂

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