MultiBootUSB option to install non-destructive and distros allows you to install multiple live lanes on a USB disk. Try the world’s first real-cross-platform multi-boot USB generator for free.
You do not work in windows or Linux, Multi-boot-USB will work similarly. The bootbone built in windows should be USB Linux and vice versa. This code base for windows and Linux also significantly reduces development time. Multi-boot-USB is designed to stand alone from the ground. This means that all necessary files and binary executables are included in the process. Double click Multi Bits SS (best free program) should start on downloading and executing buses.
The Multi-boot – USB General Public License (GPL) has been released. If anyone wants, anyone can use, change and distribute it again. It is also constructing the world’s best source software. Become These Tips, Sysclexics or 7-Zips You Get The Best. The source code is always available to view users.

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  • No dropdown list
  • Auto detection of files
  • When installed, the installed drop can be deleted.
  • USB drives cleaner.
  • Use USB with reboot (using QEMU)
  • Simple user interface.
  • Hide distance installation
  • Support for 150+ distros and counting.


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