KK Launcher Prime Crack
KK Launcher Prime Crack:
KK Launcher Prime is a custom Android launcher which includes cut-cut experience with Android Nexus 7.1 and Pixel Launcher Features! The KK Launcher has been re-converted to maintain the best launcher features of stock Android launcher; New Negotiate shorts, new pixel indoor styles, combined with the conceptual cut cut kit. When you want, you can change the app indoor setting layout from your settings.

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  • Android ™ Nougat Shortcuts are supported for Android 7.1 and higher
  • Android ™ Nougat Static Shortcuts are supported for Android 5.1 and higher.
  • Custom KK shortcuts are supported for Android 4.4 and higher.
  • Android 7.1 Nougat – Pixel Launcher-style App drawer.
  • KK Launcher Prime, New Niggers folder preview options.
  • Dynamic all apps buttons and widgets and shortcuts.
  • “OK, Google” is a voice detector that brings many languages.
  • Google Now swap as permission for 3rd party launchers.
  • Hide apps in app scroll.
  • Start designer to import shortcuts from other Android launches.
  • Clear the transparent design and smooth animation.
What’s New?
  • KK launcher v7.1 – (pre-cut, cut kit – new launcher)
  • KitKat experience with Android 7.1 nigrate and pixel launch features!
  • KK Launcher Prime, Scrolling Pixel Launcher Style App.
  • Android Nougat 7.1 and local nagging shorts for high devices.
  • Android Laptop 5.1 and Static Nigrate Shorts for High Devices.
  • KK Local shortcuts (app info – remove – install)
How to Install?
  • Download and install KK Launcher Minister APK.
  • When the Launch Prime Minister app is installed, it is not open.
  • Then install the KK launcher Press APK
  • Open app
  • It’s done
KK Launcher Prime Crack



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