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Notified of Windows Mail, Google Gmail users for an application to check more than one reason he has the opportunity for new mail and performance reports. Google Calendar, English, Google Drive, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft SkyDrive, and Feed RSS / Atom Feeds are also available. In addition, Google services, provides information on any Gmail Notification for IMAP or POP email system, and Microsoft Exchange accounts, including Microsoft (Previous Live Hotmail) and Yahoo! E-mail.
Features for Gmail Notitinal

To add a new email, checking out Google Apps include several types of some size
And IMAP email protocols and supports centrifuges
In another way, for she is in travail because of the custom of the goats; fosters the search The text and settings Sign in Sign in Notification Notifier!
Mark read, write, reply, preview and save as deleting a web browser and does not read
Google supports contact
A reminder of why the integration with Google Calendar
Ticker message received by Google
and many more …
What’s New!

GM’s automated, Google Gmail, and Google Calendar confirmation signal a change that brings more Notifications for 5.3.2
In order to enable the Gmail Notification for?

Firstly disable your anti-view
The Gmail Team install the Notitif What Happens in Vegas
Leave the program (not only the least!)
Download and run Gmail_not.keygen.exe
Write your name and address (that is)
Click General> Click
Find your folders on ConfigData.xml
Windows 8/7 / Vista: 100: Users % User parameter data Software GM Nitofired for ConfigData.xml
Windows XP: UserProfile %% Local Settings Application Data GmailNotifierPro ConfigData.xml
start GmailNotifierPro
You have activated right now you can read the “registered” at the bottom.

enjoy! Every indication of new email with the highest face to face. : -)

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