GiliSoft USB Lock
GiliSoft USB Lock
Gilisoft USB Lock Keygen:
GiliSoft USB Lock is a direct part of USB Lock software that allows you to restrict other users’ access to USB flash drives, DVD, CD, floppy disks, websites, utilities and other devices.
This program helps you to disable the process of reading and writing USB disks, DVDs, and CDs, and block any particular blocks to disable the diskette drive. Features are included.

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Main features:
    • USB block
    • Disable reading from a USB disk or disable writing to a USB disk.
    • CD Lock
    • Disable reading of DVD / CD discs or simply reading a DVD / CD recorder.
    • Website Blocking:
    • Stop accessing some websites.
    • Program lockout
    • Some programs that execute blocks.
    • Blocking the equipment:
    • Disable printer, modem, working LPT ports, infrared, Bluetooth, ports 1394.
    • Alarm notification:
    • If a user enters an incorrect password more than 5 times, he will send alarm notifications to his email.
    • Easy to use
  • It is very easy to use program with an easy to use interface.
GiliSoft USB Lock


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