File Commander-File Manager

File Commander-File Manager

File Commander-File Manager is complete, a feature-rich file manager that similarly allows cloud services like Google Drive to manipulate files on Android devices and causes external, Dropbox, Box and Shugrsink external files in different files you do not need the question to treat. Photos, music, videos, documents and more. Change the name of a person’s name on the screen, Delete, Move, Search, and the message.
Above are favorable for many shortcuts above, because of the file leader in the files as a file for quick access or local files.

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3 improvements
Breadcrumbs (traject file status) is the best navigation
Select the item and company by clicking on items and folders
Refers to part of a cloud from the cloud, and all new hotkeys,
Work the role file leader
  • Advanced feature unlocked
  • All are reportedly removed
  • Toolbar menu icon, giving gifts to the mobile app
  • Unlock file
  • Some response file conversion is not when they manage
  • Google Analytics is disabled
  • Anonymous message data
  • Drive behind the clouds
  • The custom graphics / Jiplain
How to Install?
  • file download
  • Have you usually installed on both phones
  • Directions
File Commander-File Manager



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