Equalizer Music Player Pro

Equalizer music player is a professional music player. It sounds like your music is like you never did The intuitive music player uses simple, useful and advanced controls. The most professional music player encouraged and motivated the students!
Using professional audio coding techniques, it will play perfectly and feel high-fidelity playback. Apart from this, most professional equality will help you to adjust your music in particular.
Use headphones for best results (stereo effects, deep effects, and so on) on headphones, there is no connection with you in the world.
Browse and play your music by artist, album, song, playlist
Media volume and bass control
Five bands are equal
Boss effect
Equal parity
Can stop and change the effect of equality
Music is left and right rotation
Shuffle / repeat
Share with your friends through Facebook, Email, SMS and so on
how to install
Download broken broken app from below link
Generally install on your Android device

Got it, enjoy it!

Equalizer Music Player Download


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