Easy GIF Animator Professional

Easy GIF Animator Pro

Easy GIF Animator Pro is the world’s most popular and easy-to-use GIF editor that allows you to create an animated GIF for banners, buttons, pictures, and more. By using Blumentals Easy GIF Animator Pro, you can create animated GIF files with a few easy steps. You can create animated images for all kinds of purposes including for advertising, web designs, and more. Easy GIF Animator Pro allows you to create animated GIF images from scratch, change and customize effects and you can also convert your video files into GIF animations quickly and easily.

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Easy GIF Animator Pro is the best GIF animator on the market. Almost no tool that can match the ease and its features. However, this tool does not offer advanced tools and options so for advanced users this tool does not support some of their needs.


  • Edit and modify animated GIF images.
  • Easily create animated banners, pictures, and buttons.
  • Creation of animated images from scratch.
  • Add visual effects to GIF animation.
  • Resize whole animations at once.
  • Create moving text effects.
  • Optimize animated GIF to reduce the size and load faster.
  • Preview the animation in the Internet browser.
  • Adding sounds to animation. Save animation in SWF format.
  • Manage animation frames.
  • Set the number of repetitions and the duration of the frame.
  • Extract separate animation frames.
  • Export animation to AVI format.
  • Use GIF, JPG, PNG and BMP images in your animation.
  • Generate HTML code for publishing on the Internet.
  • Easy installation transparency.

Easy GIF Animator Pro

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