Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator ​​Plus is a powerful tool to have SpeedBooster, an advanced load manager, one for Android devices.
Facing difficult play favorite music video? Blow away nowyour worry! Load and play online with DAP’s fastest everspeed!

Outstanding Features:

  • (Except Android 4.4) INDAP Download for free SDD specially available !!!
  • Many of the powerfulfeatures are completely free for installation.
  • Support all formats: video files, music, videos, documents, programs
  • A Doodle to use and manage downloads
  • Support multiple web browsers, including: Androidbrowser above, Chrome, Firefox …
  • Copy the self-cached load files to your clipboard or open download link.
  • Pause and resume the support feature with links.
  • Auto restart downloaded due to network error
  • Error loading handles which help prevent the load load feature threadsinterruption.

Well-custom UI for tablets:

  • New design full screen view for fresh interface and designelements.
  • Multi-pan layout in landscape mode
  • Easy to use with just a few taps away

Advanced Download manager:

  • Unlimited files download infinite music and video by sharing multi thread thread with split and buffer optimization.
  • Featuring the range of downloads of the maximum number of quotes specified.
  • Load multiple music / video URLs at the same time or add to a queueto download later.
  • Refresh dead links with new people to continue downloading
  • Option to save music / video in external SD card as default
  • Add more file extensions
  • Scan data detection data for media / video players
  • QR code scanning from scanning.
Download Accelerator Plus


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